AXS TV The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands: Blonde Day – A Tribute To Blondie Hosted By Katie Daryl 11/25/2014


Blonde Day – A Tribute To Blondie is comprised of the same members as No Duh, who appeared at The Whisky for Season 3 of AXS TV’s The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.  

Heather Lounsbury (vocals), Rodney Pino (drums), Randy Simer (guitar), and EJ Curse (bass) returned for an hour of Blondie classics, many other songs and song references thrown in for good measure.

DSC09973 DSC09974

The main set was geared towards the “L.A.” crowd and the band made mention that Blondie’s first West Coast shows were at the Whisky (with Tom Petty opening) with Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett, The Ramones and many others all in the same building to check out the band back in February of 1977.  It was a good simulation of what the emerging punk rock and new wave scene may have been like back in the 70s.


Blonde Day came out and rocked the Whisky with a commanding stage presence and performance.    The crowd was treated to some new wave punk rock, pop, rap/ hip hop, a little reggae/funk and several other styles Blondie incorporated into their music.

They rocked the live hour with Blondie songs such as One Way Or Another, Call Me,  Hanging On the Telephone, Call Me. Picture This, Maria, Rip Her To Shreds, Sunday Girl, Heart of Glass, The Tide Is High and more.


They also performed the Buddy Holly song Blondie covered on her second album, I’m Gonna Love You Too, as well as The Runaways’ Cherry Bomb.


Like their other tribute band, No Duh, they did plenty of good mash-ups and threw in several songs of various styles.   Transitioning from Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! from The Ramones to The Tide is High and more songs that made the experience much like you’d expect at a Blondie concert back in their hey day.  They even incorporated part of Fight For Your Right (To Party)


Bassist EJ Curse thumped through the set on the bass and continually kept the crowd fired up throughout his performance.


Randy Simer (performing the lead guitar role of Blondie co-founder Chris Stein) also took the occasional lead vocal and he and Heather (performing as Debbie Harry), sort of played up the part of being in a relationship together (as Stein and Harry actually were back in the day), which was kind of ironic since Lounsbury is actually married to EJ Curse.  To quote Kenny Metcalf, “tribute bands are ‘musical theater’”, so you really have to act and play the part.

DSC00076DSC00091IMG_3351 IMG_3353

Katie Daryl came out during break and announced they’d be retuning for their encore…

Blonde Day returned from the break in more of a N.Y.- type attire, complete with a CBGB shirt.   For the encore, they performed a version of Ring of Fire and more:

DSC00198  DSC00199 

DSC00248IMG_3367DSC00238 IMG_3439 IMG_3443 IMG_3453

After the show:

DSC00270 IMG_3528 DSC00274 

Reactions from the live show:







Check out next Tuesday for the Season finale with Super Diamond – a tribute to Neil Diamond



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